One Year

    Crystal Brown

    Posted on May 27 2019

    One Year
    So two weeks ago we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. This has meant a lot to us and from different points of view as well but this has been an incredible experience. Serve N Slay Saturday and Sunday was what we titled the weekend but it was a lot of great fun and it embodied everything we are all about. We started the weekend off with the MS Walk in Louisville. We were able to give back and raise donations for the cause. We were also able to participate in the 3 mile walk, which sounds like a lot more than it really is. It was a good experience being able to just walk on a beautiful day for a great cause. After that we were able to hang out for a while, play some cards and just enjoy the day. Then it was time to work, we had a photoshoot to do and it was something new for us. We wanted to do a grown and sexy shoot and we were really able to do it. We had great models (including our CEO, who did a magnificent job) and a vision. The pics came out great and gave off a different vibe than anything we've done previously. After the shoot we were hanging out some more and bonding. Sunday morning we went to the movie and did some hanging out while eating (very very necessary). Overall the weekend centered on giving back, good times, having fun and empowering women. It was a good weekend. This business has taken on a life of its own outside of anything I could've possibly imagine but it has provided experiences and opportunities that I never would've thought. It's so great being able to provide a positive message for people that look like us and give back as well. Helping others while running a business is not impossible and this business has helped me to see this. Like Mitch said "I love the hustle" and it speaks to my soul. Keep an eye peeled for our latest endeavors and remember to Serve Your Purpose and Slay Your Doubters.

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