YouTube Channel

Crystal Brown

Posted on July 24 2019

YouTube Channel

Recently we've started working on a new venture. We're starting a YouTube channel and we'll be interviewing people of numerous backgrounds, professions, and views. It will allow us to have some fun and also get back to our roots. There have been times that I've forgotten that this is about more than business. I love being able to give back, we both love it but sometimes I lose sight of what else we are doing. With these interviews we can promote the goal we have of boasting women's empowerment, as well as making sure there's a positive message for the black culture. But another big thing we like to do, is have fun and enjoy what we're doing.We can learn, meet new people, uplift the culture, leave a good message, and show the world that black girls rock, all with our channel. We've got musicians, police, ministers, teachers, adult film stars, and more all to show how great we can be and that there is nothing that we can't do. We will make sure to let you all know when the channel is premiered (SHOULD BE IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS), so make sure you keep your eyes peeled because you know there's no telling what you'll see or hear.

If you want to be involved to promote your brand or business, be on the show, maybe you know someone that would be interesting to sit and talk with, hit us up and let us know:

IG: @serve_n_slay_tees

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