Black History - Love Yourself

    Crystal Brown

    Posted on February 06 2019

    Black History - Love Yourself
    Hey guys it's February which means it's officially Black History Month. I stress officially because our history is something that cannot be contained inside of a singular month. Our history is beautiful and vibrant. It is so much more than the slavery in America and the Civil Rights Movement.There's King Tenkamenin of Ghana who established the Saharan Gold trade; Queen Nefertiti of Egypt who ruled Egypt by the side of her husband and brought the land to great renown and prosperity; Queen Nandi, mother of Shaka Zulu who was a voice of great reason and wisdowm even during her son's reign, King Mansa Musa, a great scholar, economist, and art lover, the king that helped Mali become one of the greatest and most prosperous kingdoms of its time and still very rich in fact. Black history is not taught in schools as much as it should be but there is so much that we try to bring to the forefront and use to uplift how we view ourselves. This is why for Black History Month, we are focusing on the theme of Love Yourself. We want you to research and remember figures like Guion Bluford, Jr, the first black man in space; Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space; Mary Church Terrell was the first black woman to earn a degree in the United States; John Morton Finney was a Buffalo Soldier that earned 11 degrees, and practiced law past the age of 100; and others like Shirley Chisholm the first black woman elected to Congress.This is because with so much going on in the world we as black people are not shown all the great things that we do, have done, and are in the process of doing. We at Serve N Slay, think that it is important for our people to really love themselves and that starts in great part with knowing our success and significance and the origin of our history.  Celebration of culture does not have to occur just in February but EVERYDAY of the year. Learn your history and carry on that trend of loving yourself and seeing your greatness this February and forward.

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